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Cho Hakkai is a pig man with a large appetite from Saiyuki: Journey West. He's a wandering chef searching for the perfect flavor and is first seen getting kicked out of a restaurant because of his monstrous appearance. After getting run out of town, he is attacked by monsters and saved by Sanzo and Son Goku. He eagerly joins their journey to India because he has nowhere else to go. Hakkai is the most level headed of the group and tries to be as helpful as he can. He's most sensitive about his appearance and people mistaking him for a dangerous monster.


Hakkiai is the second party member recruited by Sanzo, with high strength but low speed. He uses a rake for a weapon and it can be upgraded in towns throughout the game. His special ability allows him to use his rake to hit a wide area in front of him (up to three spaces). For his magic, he's aligned with the element of rock and gets the most use out of special attacks like boulders and defensive spells. His wereform, Raging Boar, increases his strength and gives him several ground based area attacks.

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