Your favorite kind of chocolate?

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Well, what is yours? Which do you prefer and so forth. 
Mine is Cookies and Cream.
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Just in general?
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Non-white chocolate. I am a chocolate racist.

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Probably White Chocolate.

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I'm tolerant of all kinds of chocolate.

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The kind with peanuts in em. I don't like chocolate on it's own.

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Dark chocolate!

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I can narrow this down good.  The Swiss chocolatiers Lindt make this really nice bar.  It's about 60% cocoa and has a hint of chilli.  The bitterness of the chocolate and the tang of the chilli is such a great combo, highly recommend it if you are into dark chocolates

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Name of it? 
#18 Posted by WEGGLES (732 posts) -

Milk chocolate and maybe dark from time to time. White chocolate isn't real chocolate 

#19 Posted by Cube (4383 posts) -

Dark or White. Milk sucks.

#20 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -

Hot chocolate.

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@Bloodgraiv3 said:

" @forkboy:  Name of it?  "

  Lindt Excellence Chili Chocolate
I really need to get me a bar of it tomorrow actually.
#23 Posted by JJWeatherman (14863 posts) -

Hershey's Dark.

#24 Posted by bartok (2812 posts) -

Sexual Chocolate.

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can't say I disagree with you there :P
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@Raymayne said:
" Cadbury's. "
Exactly what I was thinking. For what you pay it's hard to find a better tasting chocolate.
#27 Posted by nick_verissimo (1442 posts) -

Give me some bitter as hell dark chocolate and I'll give you a high five! KI-YA!!!

#28 Posted by Slax (1025 posts) -

Preferably Dark, and some sort of Truffle. But Milk is alright. Just not White...

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whats wrong with white 
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Belgian :- )

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@odintal said:
" Rain. "
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Lindt indeed is really good! Not cheap, but quality has its prize. The Lindt Swiss Gold White with Almonds is particularly good! 
However, I'm not very fond of the 99% Dark Chocolate. Not that it's bad, I just can't stomach it. Way too bitter!
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All except for dark chocolate.  That shit's nasty.

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Dark. It is the best. 

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70% semisweet.

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" Female. "
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White chocolate or just plain old milk chocolate. I really don't dark chocolate, it's too much coacoa for my body to handle! Also, it tastes like turtles and death, turtles and death!

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Anything dark &bitter with a giant mug of really good coffee. White chocolate makes me want to tear out my stomach

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Dark chocolate. I love Trader Joe's chocolate covered EVERYTHING but TJ's uses milk chocolate for most of them and I can't have dairy. :'(

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Cookies and cream? Damn, totally forgot about that, havn't had that kind in ages. Gonna have to agree with you on that one.
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Some of you guys are crazy, with your white chocolate love. White chocolate is alright, but it barely has anything cocoa-based in it. :P
Anyways: Milk chocolate. Preferably with peanuts or walnuts. Preferably in a brownie.

#44 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

Milk chocolate for me.

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