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Chocolina is an item vendor that appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2. She dresses in attire that makes her appear somewhat like a chocobo, and is one of the few sources of Gysahl Greens; plants that chocobos particularly enjoy and which can be used in order to ride them. According to Yoshinori Kitase, she was originally designed as a waitress that appears in Serendipity, but the game's director Motomu Toriyama was so fond of her unique design that she was given the role of an item vendor in order to allow her to stand out more.

Chocolina is found throughout the game's timeline, indicating that she, like Serah and Noel, knows about time travel. She also appears to have an unusual level of knowledge about the protagonists. Her exact origins are a mystery. She offers up most every form of item for sale, including consumables, weapons, accessories, and monster-enhancing items. She can also create new gear by using components collected by Serah and Noel.

Lightning Returns

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Chocolina returns and serves as the keeper of the request board known as the Canvas of Prayers. Lightning can talk to her in order to receive and complete requests posted to the board.

Chocolina plays a larger role as a key figure in the Wildlands main quest to retrieve fragments of Dajh's soul. She actually holds one of the fragments in her possession, but posts a special Canvas of Prayers request for Lightning to complete so that she can take it to Sazh. After Lightning has gathered all of the fragments and returned them to Sazh, Chocolina appears in her baby chocobo form and helps snap Sazh out of the gloomy demeanor preventing him from returning Dajh's soul to his body. It is at this point that Lightning learns Chocolina's true identity, as Sazh calls out to the chick by her name.

True Identity

As revealed in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC episode Heads or Tails, Chocolina is in actuality the chocobo chick adopted by Sazh Katzroy in Final Fantasy XIII. After becoming trapped outside time in her helpless chocobo form, she made a wish to be of help to others. This wish was granted, giving her a humanoid appearance. Having also become able to cross the bounds of time and space, she comes to the aid of Serah and Noel, Sazh, and later Lightning.

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