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Players assume the role of a helicopter pilot for an unspecified military organization, participating in five stages along with a secret sixth, each with one or more missions. Mission objectives include destroying specified targets, escort, and POW rescue. 


Movement of the the helicopter is controlled by the C buttons, while pitch and direction are controlled by the analog stick. Z fires the players machine gun, while R fires secondary weapons, which can be cycled with A and B.


Players are first prompted to select their helicopter, and purchase weapons. They are then briefed by a General about the mission, informed about the situation and objectives.  

Power ups and items

When destroyed, some buildings may contain a machine gun power up (red), fuel (green), money (blue), or a trap (black). The player must be cautious, as a power up can be destroyed.


 POW's released from a destroyed truck
Rescuing prisoners of war from building and vehicles is occasionally a mission requirement, but in other missions is an option for extra money. 
In order to be properly evacuated, the player must first destroy four blockers on the nearest medevac landing pad. Although enemies will ignore loose POW's, the player can kill them.


 Unit data screen

Each helicopter has five differing statistics which includes speed, armor plating, VULCAN (primary machine gun), acceleration capacity, and acrobatic ability. Weapon capacity can vary from three to five slots. More powerful VULCANS may have an explosive effect.


 Sky Turbo
Pilot: Mike
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Description: Equally balanced with speed and armor plating. 

Pilot: Alicia
Age: 29
Nationality: Russian
Description: Good aerodynamics featuring excellent field of vision.


Pilot: Jun
Age: 35
Nationality: Japanese
Description: Great acceleration and acrobatic capability.
Pilot: Hiromitsu
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Description: Low velocity formidable Vulcan strength.
Pilot: Andy
Age: 42
Nationality: British
Description: Equally balanced with speed and armor plating.


Pilot: Danny
Age: 54
Nationality: American
Description: Endurance class and ultra-strengthened. 

 Fire Cat

Pilot: Danny
Age: 54
Nationality: American
Description: Endurance class and ultra-strengthened.

 Hard Bull
Pilot: Johnny
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Description: High velocity weakened armor plating.


Chopper Attack's weapons are not named after authentic weapons, but do serve similar functions. Before the start of each mission, the player is allowed to buy and equip (three to five depending on the helicopter chosen) different types of weapons. A money bonus is given for any remaining munitions at the end of each mission.  

  • Selectable Weapons 


Game description: Ground target lock-on homing missile.
Air-to-ground missile only capable of locking on to ground targets such as trucks, tanks, and gun emplacements. Enemies may deflect with a dummy.



Game description: Air target lock-on homing missile.
Air-to-air missile only capable of locking on to air targets such as helicopters, jets, and drones. Enemies may deflect with a dummy.


Game description: Air and ground lock-on homing missile.

Air-to-ground and air missile. Serve the functions of both the AGM and the AAM, but costs 80% more.


Game description: Enemy homing missile decoy. Distracts incoming missiles from target.

Allows the player to deflect incoming missiles. The dummy should be used when the player hears the lock on warning alarm.


Game description: Line missile rocket - 10 consecutive simultaneous launches.

Unlike missiles, rockets can not lock on to targets. They are fired directly at the target in volleys of ten.


Game description: Smart bomb - devastate to land forces in a concentrated area.

A bomb that is dropped in a small arc, separating into numerous explosives above the ground, causing damage is a large radius. It should be noted that the description is improperly worded.

Homing Cluster

Game description: Target lock-on homing cluster bomb. Tremendous power.

Able to lock on to targets, the homing cluster is a more powerful and expensive version of the cluster.

Alien Disruptor

This secret weapon is unlocked upon completion of the seventh stage on expert mode. 


 Stage select screen
Chopper Attack features six different environments for each stage. These consist of mountain, volcanic, cave, desert, and arctic regions. The sixth unlockable stage being set in space.



Chopper Attack received all around mediocre reviews, mostly due to it's dated visuals, short length, and lack of depth. The game was left with a 54.27% average on

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