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Chorrol is a city northwest of the Imperial City in the Great Forest region. At the main gate you will find a statue depicting the Saint of Sancre Tor. There are two inns, one for the poor and the other for the middle class. There is a smith, bookstore and general store which are all on the east side of the Great Chapel of Stendarr. On the west side is all the lower class homes and two middle class homes. Up near the back gate is a Great Oak. It is in the centre of the plaza and many NPCs hang around there and chat. Surrounding the Oak are high class homes, guild halls and a house for sale. The Castle up the path that leads east from the main gate. Here lives the Countess, Arriana Valga is widowed and is the mother of the Countess of Leyawiin. Count Charus Valga was slain in Skyrim when he was battling Nord clansmen.

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