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Dark Souls

The player character in Dark Souls can be customized as the player sees fit, so he or she may act as the vehicle for the player's personal role in the world of Lordran. The character never speaks aside from the default sounds triggered by being hurt. The phrase "Chosen Undead" is derived from a prophecy told to the player by Oscar, Knight of Astora.

The player character is directly referred to as the Chosen Dead on a few occasions, by Kingseeker Frampt and Gwynevere.

Dark Souls II

Like prior souls games, the Dark Souls II player-character can be of either gender, any race, and be leveled up as however the player sees fit, molding them into whatever custom class/traditional class archetype they desire. However because of this freedom of character building, the player-character is once again silent beyond some grunts of pain after being attacked or dying.

Peter Serafinowicz, who voices Mild-Mannered Pate, provides the few pieces of audio for any male rendition of the character.

As in the original Dark Souls, the Emerald Herald refers to the player character as the Chosen Undead as part of some greater prophecy.

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