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The REPCONN Test Site, where Chris lives with the Bright Brotherhood
The REPCONN Test Site, where Chris lives with the Bright Brotherhood

While he was living in Vault 34, Chris was an engineer, a profession that he believed would turn him into a ghoul (due to the fact that he had to work on the Vault's reactor). When his hair started falling out due to his age, he took this as a sign of his ghoulification, and he left the Vault. He joined the Bright Brotherhood, a group of ghouls located at the REPCONN Test Site lead by the determined Jason Bright, who is a non-feral Glowing One. They were unsuccessful in convincing Chris that he was human, but they let him join anyway because of his skill in fixing things.

When The Courier is set out to gather materials needed to launch the Bright Brotherhood ghouls into space for their Great Journey, the player can convince Chris that he is a human. If successful, Chris asks the player to help sabotage the launch. The player, through numerous speech challenges, can persuade Chris to not go through with the idea. If that is successful, Chris will retire to Novac after finishing his job. Alternatively, the player can help Chris sabotage the operation.

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