The Christmas Thread - 2011

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World peace.

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For you to be inside me...

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A future.

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i just want it to snow!

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I would like SOPA and PIPA to go away

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@BeachThunder said:

For you to be inside me...

He's already inside all of us... 
I want a First in my exams.
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Day off from work.

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All I want for Christmas is Sweep to moderate my life.

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I want to get over my concussion in time for the big day, and I want a washing machine and a fridge freezer for my new house. Nothing major, ya know?

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Some games. Maybe YOU could help me accomplish this goal. Yes, you.

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I'd like for everyone to forget the work night out happened (and to give the majority of people their dues, they have), and to somehow have scraped a pass in the first 3 of my professional exams.

Granted, I won't find out if I've passed 'til mid-February, but it would be a nice present nonetheless.

Besides that, just to have a lovely Christmas (and hopefully have plenty of money to ride out January in relative comfort).

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For a clean slate of Karma. 
I'm so deep in the naughty side right now, I'm starting to fear retribution.

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@BeachThunder said:

For you to be inside me...

#16 Posted by EpicSteve (6910 posts) -

A beer.

#17 Posted by nintendoeats (6137 posts) -

I already know most of what I'm getting, because my mom ordered everything while overseas and I had to pick it up from the post office.

I can confirm that I'm getting a laptop, a copy of Skyward Sword and a Magnavox Odyssey 2. Probably more than I deserve.

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A gift card to Target, since I'm moving out in the next few months and I want to buy some more basic stuff before I move.

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Day off from work.

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@eagle6002 said:

I would like SOPA and PIPA to go away


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I'm pretty sure that I'm only getting one big present from my parents this year - specifically, a copy of the Super Deluxe Edition of Quadrophenia. I absolutely love that album, it turned my life around five years ago, so to get a 'complete' copy of it will be incredible.

I've received some little things from friends, mostly CDs and DVDs, and I know my sister has got be a copy of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but other than that, anything else I get will be a surprise. I'm mainly hoping for a bit of cash to put towards an HDTV, so I can finally start playing Skyrim. To be completely honest though, Christmas this year has been much more about giving than receiving for me, and I'm glad I've been able to give so much to my friends and family in spite of my current financial situation.

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I want a PSP 3000, but i will buy one. Also, i want The Binding Of Isaac, but strangely enough, i can't buy that right now.  BUT IF SOMEONE WANT TO GIVE ME THAT AS A GIFT, YOU KNOW... 
@EpicSteve said:

A beer.

I thought you said " A bear".
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How long have you got?

#25 Posted by ssj4raditz (1156 posts) -

LEGOs, like every year!

#26 Posted by Ramone (3070 posts) -

Some sick rollerblades

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To pass the one fucking exam that's been delaying my fucking life for two fucking years

#28 Posted by Th3_James (2592 posts) -


Anything that I want is out of the realm of a Christmas gift, and everything else I just buy for myself.

A 2560x1600 monitor and a 7970 will be my gift to myself sometime between January and March.

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My mom got me a pair of bose headphones, but i bought her a pretty nice bread-maker, so it's not like I came out on top...

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I don't "Do" Christmas.

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I know I'm getting a pretty sweet looking coat. Other than that, a day off to relax will be just fine for me.

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I didn't ask for anything this year. My mom ends up spoiling me pretty bad every Christmas though, it's pretty neat.

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I want my Jewish friends to celebrate Christmas correctly. They never put up a tree, or sing carols. All they do is light some candles every day for about a week and they even dont always do that on Christmas. Last time I checked, Christmas was about the birth of Santa Claus, not some crappy candles. I've tried to tell them that they are celebrating the holiday wrong but all they do is laugh at me.

@PeasantAbuse said:

I didn't ask for anything this year. My mom ends up spoiling me pretty bad every Christmas though, it's pretty neat.

This also occurs to me. I ask for like one video game and I get a box full of awesome shit. It appears that she likes me a lot or something....

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To find a job!!! ... PLEASE?!

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I'm hoping this is the first Christmas where I literally get nothing.

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A gift on Steam...any takers?


A job.

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i want it to be over.

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Tickets to see my St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

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A fucking rawket lawnchair!

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I want the same thing that I tell people every year: nothing.

If you feel the need to get me something, then go to the local toy store and spend the money on toys, then take them down to the local Toys for Tots.

As someone who grew up poor, I understand what it's like to go without presents for Christmas. No kid should go through that shit, and worse than that, no parent should feel useless because they can't afford some cool shit for their kid.

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