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Chroma is a class-based and team-based first-person shooter in development at Harmonix Music Systems and Hidden Path Entertainment. Each of the game's classes is equipped with weapons that fire differently, but all are influenced by music that plays on each of the game's maps. Playing rhythmically will help players be more successful at firing these weapons, navigating the environment, and so on.

At present, the game has only been shown running a control point mode, where two teams attempt to control a set of points as they push and pull each other around the map. Only one control node is active at a time, forcing players to control each point in a set order. As points are controlled and the music moves along, parts of the level's geometry change to open up access or seal off various parts of the map. Jump pads that only work if you press jump on them in time with the music help fling players around the arena at high speeds. The game will also have a Team Fortress 2-like "cart push" mode.

Each character currently has two weapons.


  • Assault - Has a laser rifle that fires by holding down the button, but reloading the rifle is done by tapping the right-mouse button in time with the music. Also has a grenade launcher with grenades that explode on the downbeat of the music.
  • Engineer - Has dual pistols that lock onto targets and a shotgun, but the weapons only fire when the player taps out a rhythm that is conveyed via a two-lane note highway that looks very similar to Rock Band. Reloading is also done by playing a note highway on the two buttons of a mouse.
  • Sneak - Possesses a sniper rifle that can fire anytime, but a circular indicator that keeps time with the music shows that shots do more damage when fired on the downbeat. Also has a pistol that can fire anytime, but does more damage if fired repeatedly on the beat.
  • Support - Uses a healing beam that can overcharge teammates to give them a shield and also has a weak backup weapon for dealing damage.
  • Tank - The Tank uses a rocket launcher that can be re-aimed in mid-air by continuing to click the fire button in time with the music, forcing targets to break line of sight completely to avoid damage. Also has a shotgun that can only be fired on half notes.

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