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Chromehounds, A Poor Man's Steel Battalion 14

  Being firmly convinced that there are two types of gamers in the world, those who enjoy simulations and those who like arcade-style games, I would have to say that Chromehounds is definitely for those who enjoy the former of the two categories. Set in a fictionalized world where HOUNDs are basically customizable 'Mechs, you take on the role of a mercenary fighting for one of the three regions in the Neroimus Region.   The story mode is straightforwardly divided into the six playable Hound c...

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Atleast worth a rental 0

Chromehounds is a great mech simulation game that is advanced but still maintains little arcade feeling to not make it boring. First i will talk about the single player. The single player is basically made as practice for the online experience, though the singleplayer contains a decent storyline, chromehounds is a multiplayer game right through it's metal heart. The single player allows you to unlock parts and to try out different bots, commander, sniper, soldier etc so you don't get blown up im...

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Either your love it or hate it. 0

Chromehounds, debuted a few years back as an Xbox 360 game only, created to be a technical mech simulation, with some key team elements. The back story behind Chromehounds is fairly bland to be honest, that will barely draw your attention at the most. The single player is more of a tutorial if you will, for the multiplayer you will be embarking. In the single player campaign, you are a mercenary who will fight for certain factions, and blah, blah, blah. The single player, quite bluntly is total ...

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