Anyone tried playing this on 3DS? Doesn't seem to work.

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Booting the game up just leads to the 'black screen reset' error. Anyone else tried it on their 3DS? It's weird because it works perfectly on my Lite. 

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I don't remember who it was but I definitely remember someone from these very forums mentioning that they had played CT on their 3DS.

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@Elazul: Makes no sense that it won't work. Maybe it's cos I'm playing a US version on a European 3DS? Still, we know the region lock doesn't affect DS games (I've tried other US and Jap games and they work fine) so that doesn't make sense either. 
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 @CrimsonClown:  Yeah, that is a really odd problem. The only issue I've had regarding original DS software was is that for some reason my 3DS won't detect Animal Crossing at all whenever I put it in. Who knows, maybe there are slight hardware inconsistencies that cause compatibility problems with certain games. I don't know what else to say. Maybe give Nintendo a call about it?

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@Elazul: There's a section in the 3DS manual that says if you get this specific error, "there may be a fault with your system". I don't see how anything could be broken though. My 3DS works with every other 3DS and DS game I've tried, Chrono works on my DS. There doesn't seem to be anything faulty at all. All I can think of is that it's a software issue. 
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Have you tried playing any other DS games in your 3DS?  I've only tried Pokemon White so far, and it works fine.

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@Hailinel:  Yeah, I've tried multiple DS games, from different regions and they all work fine. It has to be some sort of software conflict between the game and the 3DS. I might try and delete my save (was only three hours in anyway) and try it then. I've no idea why that would matter or make any difference but I don't see any logical reason for the problem in the first place, so the solution may not be so logical itself. 

Edit: Right, well corrupting  my save didn't help. lol

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