Chrono Trigger for iOS

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Today, Chrono Trigger has been released for iOS and I was wondering if there are any Giantbombers out there that have had a chance to try it out. I am looking for feedback on the general feel and responsiveness of the touch controls and how the graphics translate to the iPhone display specifically. Does it take advantage of the retina display any? These kinda questions I am wondering about.

I most likely will be buying this for my phone as having a portable version of Chrono Trigger, (and me without a DS), is too hard of a thing to pass up.

#2 Posted by Sunspots (213 posts) -

I plan on reposting here with my impressions on the port once I download it.

#3 Posted by NekuCTR (1710 posts) -

I was planning to download a rom and play it that way, but why not blow 6 bucks on this instead... be sure to get back to us on that quality.

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I haven't played it, but my friend tried it out and was not pleased with the controls. According to him it uses a virtual analog stick and is very hard to move around, much less battle.

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I picked it up right when I saw it available. It's a port of the DS version, with cleaned-up, gorgeous menus. It controls perfectly fine, using the same analog stick as the other Square RPGs on touchscreens- an analog stick pops up anywhere you touch the screen, and the whole screen acts as the A button. Combat works well, too, letting you swipe between enemies and party members onscreen. That dense art on an iPhone-sized screen in that widescreen ratio is absolutely gorgeous, too. It's a good port. Highly recommended.

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Ok so, maybe it is my 3GS but the graphics seem to, I dunno, shadow a bit closer to the edges of the screen. Also you swipe the screen to switch enemies during battle and that is kinda clunky as I reselected a enemy inadvertently a few times.

The digital dpad kinda blows, and positioning to interact with environmental objects/npcs is slightly annoying.

Those are my general first impressions after downloading the game.

The other alternative for me was to hunt down SNES cartridge in order to give myself an excuse to turn on the old SNES. That option would probably cost me $80-$100......

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@InsidiousTuna: I'll have to take some more time with it to adjust to the controls. I agree it does look sharp on the phone.

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@Sunspots: Dude, maybe if you're looking for a new copy. Used? Chrono Trigger SNES runs like $40 on Amazon and like $15 on eBay. There's also the PSOne version and the Virtual Console/PSN releases.

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@Little_Socrates: Really? I was just assuming that it would be costly to find a SNES cartridge. I was not aware that it was released on PSN..... Oh well, that being said, I am glad I have it on my phone and on the go now.

#10 Posted by Sunspots (213 posts) -

@Little_Socrates: Thank you for the Amazon link!

#11 Posted by NekuCTR (1710 posts) -

@Sunspots: If it makes you feel any better every first day purchase of a Chrono Trigger product may promote them to make some more.... maybe.... I hope.

#12 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

@NekuCTR: There will never be another Chrono Trigger, and let's hope it stays that way. There's no way a modern sequel could possibly live up to people's expectations.


#13 Posted by Sunspots (213 posts) -

@NekuCTR: If it is anything like Chrono Cross, I'll take a pass on any possibility of sequels

#14 Posted by Conker (929 posts) -

@Sunspots: Anything about a possible Android release?

#15 Posted by Enigma777 (6253 posts) -
@Little_Socrates: Oh shit. I forgot about the PSN release. Thanks for reminding me! I think I'll get that version instead and play it on my PSP/Vita. Buttons FTW!
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#17 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (585 posts) -

I think it plays totally fine. It uses a virtual analog stick for movement and has touch controls for attack, tech, items, etc. but it runs smooth and isn't to hard to play. I would say pick it up. I am NOT at all displeased with my purchase

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After playing it on the SNES, it seems iOS would be really awkward.

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got my copy and love every minute of playing it (on iPad :D )

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It takes a bit of getting used to but when you get used to it and figure out all the controls I'd say it's pretty good, and that's coming from somebody who normally hates touch controls.

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Tested did a small test and it seems that there are some changes, noteworthy are some translations for techs and such. Also the interface is slicker and you see more of the battlefield :).

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@Gooddoggy said:

I haven't played it, but my friend tried it out and was not pleased with the controls. According to him it uses a virtual analog stick and is very hard to move around, much less battle.

I think you must mean a virtual D-Pad. Snes never had analog sticks.

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@NekuCTR said:

I was planning to download a rom and play it that way, but why not blow 6 bucks on this instead... be sure to get back to us on that quality.

Man...probably shouldn't have announced that on these forums dude.

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picking specific skills/targets during battle is harder than it needs to be. You should be able to just tap on the enemy/target and have more than 3 skills on the screen at once. Other than that its perfectly serviceable.

#26 Posted by Gooddoggy (444 posts) -

@VisariLoyalist: Like I said, I haven't played it - my friend said "analog stick." He may have misspoke.

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I would be really interested in playing this game again on my phone if my battery lasted longer. I leave for China in just under a month and I would like to play games on my flight but sadly I do not have a portable system anymore. I have been using my roommates PSP but I don't feel comfortable taking it to China with me. So despite rather owning this game on the PSN I might just break down and get it have my battery on my phone die half way there.

It's 2011 we need a Michael Jordan of technology to come out with a bad ass battery.

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