DS version will have a new ending + database features.

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For those who do not know Chrono Trigger, the game has multiple endings that vary extremely (check out the wiki if you want to spoil it for your self if you have not played this game).

The DS version will include one new ending, no details except the following screen shot


The game will also have a data base feature where you will be able to see cutscenes  once again and listend to the game's music plus some other features

Source: http://www.siliconera.com/2008/11/10/new-ending-created-for-chrono-trigger-ds/
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Endogene said:
"For those who do not know Chrono Trigger"
You can thank me later. :)
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LordAndrew said:
"Endogene said:
"For those who do not know Chrono Trigger"
You can thank me later. :)"
Like it never happened.

Time travel, what would i do without it.
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Awesome, more incentive for fans is good.

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