I edited Crono's real name to be Brono :)

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Good for you.

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gas thread ban op

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Hi-lar-ious... Creating more work for the rest of us is soooo funny.

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Yes you did but Lucca and Marle refused to change

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Cool story brono

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Name everyone Lavos.

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Nice reference to the Endurance Run. I see what you did there.

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Don't force it.

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@Dany said:

Don't force it.

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You edited what on where and who?

I really hope you don't mean you edited it on the wiki page. StarFoxA would most likely hunt someone down and murder them for messing with the beautiful page he made.

*EDIT* Yep...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fixed.

Folks, while the Endurance Run will be fun, there are people (well, one in particular) who spent a LOT...A LOT...of time creating some great wiki pages on the site. I would hope people can respect that and not go editing the wikis with a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

The joke is funny, sure, but it's also slightly disrespectful.

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woop de do

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@Dany said:

Don't force it.

Too late.

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Please don't submit blatantly false edits based on endurance run jokes. Like many users have already stated, they just create more work for people trying to help flesh out Giant Bomb's wiki, and if you have live edit privileges, it's a good way to lose your ability to edit the wiki permanently.

I think that's all that needs to be said here.


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