Is the end of Chrono Trigger worth it?

#1 Posted by Goly (891 posts) -

Because I hope the story and ending haven't got most of the stereotipes you can find in JRPGS

#2 Posted by animateria (3302 posts) -

Well, there are multiple endings as well as joke endings.

Heck, I don't think there ares a lot of JRPGs that are as unique as CT storywise. (Of course there are some like Earthbound, etc, etc...)

Not just the ending, the whole game is fantastically unique and bizarre.

This is of course, is if you don't mind the silent protagonist. Think of Link, and you get the picture.

The other characters however are bubbling with character though.

#3 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

imo Chrono Trigger is one of the more unique RPGs I've played, but you can certainly throw stereotypes on the characters and story if you feel like doing so (I'd argue you could do this for about any game, really). If you get caught up doing that rather than enjoying the game you're going to be missing out though.

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