Poll: If you stopped watching the most recent ER (or never started), what was your main reason for doing so?

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#101 Posted by GirnBlanston (102 posts) -

I chose G. I've never played Chrono Trigger, but i picked up the DS version, and am playing it now. Hopefully it's faithful to the original, especially since i may never get to play that version. Maybe i'll watch the ER after i get through it.

#102 Posted by Redbullet685 (6054 posts) -


#103 Posted by Aegon (5703 posts) -

Them not paying attention to the game. I'm not sure if I even made it to the 5th episode. 

#104 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

I really wanted to enjoy this but it was not that engaging. Maybe it's because I've played CT about a thousand times but I just couldn't get into it.

#105 Posted by Adus (68 posts) -

The fact that I never have played CT is what kept me going. Had I played it before I may have stopped early because it's just not all that interesting to watch. Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition's voice acting is a key part in making them watchable games.

#106 Posted by SuperSambo (2879 posts) -

Missed a bunch of episodes due to work that needed to be done, and when I had finished the amount of episodes was just too daunting and so I am putting it off for a rainy month.

#107 Posted by benspyda (2038 posts) -

I'm not a huge fan of the Ryan/Patrick combo. Its pretty much only that combo that annoys me too which is unfortunate. I watched about the first 15 eps and they weren't too bad, but I feel that Ryan and Patrick have too similar a sense of humor.

#108 Posted by CounterShock (420 posts) -

I got bored, simple as that. I'm sure it probably got better, but I dunno, I can't really stick with any of the endurance runs.

#109 Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious (1641 posts) -

I chose B but it's more of a general dislike for Patrick's fake laugh. Ryan's fake laugh is really hearty and warm and it makes me feel good, but I don't like Patrick's "Ah-hah hah".

#110 Posted by probablytuna (3731 posts) -

I actually was playing the game (for the first time, yeah I know) while watching the early episodes but I couldn't keep up because I didn't have time to play it every day so I stopped. But I have all the videos downloaded so I can enjoy it at my own pace now.

#111 Posted by Deusoma (3018 posts) -

Surprised F isn't higher. Every gamer I know has beaten Chrono Trigger at least once. It's just kind of a Thing. It would be like doing an ER for Final Fantasy VII, what would be the point?

#112 Posted by Nottle (1917 posts) -
#113 Posted by laserbolts (5331 posts) -


#114 Posted by DarkHeroZark (175 posts) -

I feel that the GB crew fall in to two categories: the Straight men (Ryan, Jeff, Brad, Drew, Patrick) and the Wild cards (Vinny, Dave)

All the other ER's had one straight man and one wildcard but Chrono Trigger ER was 2 straight men and that just gets boring.

#115 Posted by Grilledcheez (3952 posts) -

I have no interest in the game or seeing it being played. I was hoping for something more modern and quirky.

#116 Posted by chrismafuchris (1088 posts) -

Too much to watch

#117 Posted by PixelPrinny (1030 posts) -

Pretty much F for me. Chrono Trigger was a fun game that I have plenty of fond memories of, but I didn't have any interest in seeing Ryan and Patrick playing it. *shrugs*

#118 Posted by Asurastrike (2167 posts) -

It had neither Jeff nor Vinny, so I got bored 20 or so episodes in.

#119 Posted by ZenaxPure (2569 posts) -
@Deusoma said:
Surprised F isn't higher. Every gamer I know has beaten Chrono Trigger at least once. It's just kind of a Thing. It would be like doing an ER for Final Fantasy VII, what would be the point?
Kids, man. Gotta remember a lot of people posting on the internet now and watching the Endurance Runs etc were not even born when that game came out. Even with FF7 now, can't really expect every "gamer" to have beaten the "classics".
#120 Posted by skadave (199 posts) -

No Clooney.

#121 Posted by B0nd07 (1699 posts) -


It ended.

#122 Posted by Hunkulese (2787 posts) -

I watched the first 20 or so then missed a day and never felt the need to try and catch up.

#123 Posted by logicfracture (158 posts) -

For me it was a combo of not having enough time with college and the game not interesting me as much as the past endurance run games.

#124 Posted by iAmJohn (6128 posts) -

Voted "Other" for "I would've liked to but I've been busy and haven't gotten around to starting it yet, and besides, I never finished the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run either so I should probably do that."

#125 Posted by pyromagnestir (4326 posts) -

I watched up to the part where I left off when I played the game (episode 7) and decided I'd watch the rest later after I've played some more of it. I did watch the end live though, as I doubt I'll ever get that far.

#126 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

OTHER: Fell a few episodes behind and never caught up. I definitely plan on watching the rest of the ER at a later, unspecified date.

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