Ryan is Bobo: A Tribute to the ER

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...and Patrick is Brono.

I have loved Chrono Trigger since Christmas morning 199?. I opened it up then immediately ran up stairs and played until the prison break dragon fight. I was thrilled to hear the Giantbomb guys were doing an ER of it. So as a thank you for some of the greatest entertainment, here is an homage to two great dudes playing a great game.

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You deserve all the intercookies. This is great!

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Patricks classic pose makes it, fantastic.

You're Winner!

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Hahahahha that's awesome!

#5 Posted by Valames (758 posts) -

@TobbRobb said:

Patricks classic pose makes it, fantastic.

You're Winner!

Yeah, that pose and the way Brono casts magic is why Patrick got to be him. Oh yeah, and the big hair.

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oh man, this is gold. all that is missing is Lucca or Taban in the background hitting something with a wrench shouting SCIENCE!

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Not only is this well drawn, the characterization is very inspired and appealing. Great fucking work.

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This should be the preview image for the whole ER.

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This is really excellent stuff.

It warms my heart to see someone enjoying and appreciating this endurance run in such a pure way. No nitpicking, whining or criticising, just having fun watching...

@Valames said:

...two great dudes playing a great game.

I couldn't have put it better myself. Literally, I tried to do so before giving up and deciding to just quote this line.

#10 Posted by Valames (758 posts) -

@Halberdierv2: That would have been an awesome idea! I was debating whether to put frog in, or another reference... that would have been a good one. But I know this is the team they love using, so I'm happy with that.

And holy crap, these are some of the nicest comments I have received for my work, thanks guys!

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This is very good, stuff like this is why I like to visit the forums I like when the community gives a shit. If I was talented at anything I would love to do something but since i am not it's nice to see things like this. Though anytime someone draws Patrick it should be with his mouth open because that duder never closes it.

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That is absolutely brilliant.

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Wow, this is amazing! :D

#15 Posted by Neurotic (635 posts) -

Haha, very cool. Uzzi Punch looks awesome. And they're in the forest they hate so, so much.

#16 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5626 posts) -

That is just too fucking perfect.

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Fuck yeah Patrick's doing his signature pose!

Nicely done!

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This is amazing

#19 Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

Needs more Tupac.

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Ok, thats brilliant.  
Well done dude! =)

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Ryan reminds me of Dr.Robotnik in that picture!

Good work by the way. I haven't been able to keep up with the pace of the ER, which is a shame as I've never played Chrono Trigger (my secret shame!). Managed to watch the latest episode , the spamming of the ultimate damage ability was very funny! Is it actually that broken?

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Hahaha I love it!

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#24 Posted by Valames (758 posts) -

@Neurotic: Thank you for noticing that, lol. I was hoping people would notice that.

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Pose of Patrick makes this so so so great.

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Oh my god this is amazing!

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This it well done. Can I be Brog?

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@TerraDelu said:


#29 Posted by Valames (758 posts) -

@WatanabeKazuma: I don't think of it as broken. It's a reward for all the hard work it takes to get to that point. Then you can go craaaazay.

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This is the best. The best.

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Haha, love the Uzzi Punch there!

#32 Posted by ProjekD (14 posts) -

This work deserves the praise

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I feel like everyone on this site can draw but me.

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@Abyssfull said:

I feel like everyone on this site can draw but me.

I've heard that drawing or "art" is 1% talent and 99% inspiration, but I believe it is more 1% talent, 1% inspiration, and 98% patience.

Just keep drawing lines and erasing them until you find the one you like. Eventually the pieces of the puzzle will come together and you will have the picture you saw in your mind. And not a single person on Earth can tell you it's wrong. It's whatever you want it to be.

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