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Warning! Spoilers ahead of a game you will most likely never play!

Watching the Chrono Trigger ER I started remembering a lot of stupid/awesome methods of time travel in games. Traveling through time holes created by big planet devouring parasites is kind of cool I guess but it pales in comparison with one specific instance of time travel in Breakdown.

After an epic fight with the bad dude, Solus, the protagonist, Derrick, gets the *expletive* beaten out of him and all hope seems lost. After some drama a nuke strikes down out of nowhere and it should be GAME OVER! Instead the nuke flings our hero through time to a *expletive* future.

"Nukes" = "Time travel". Makes perfect sense.

As a side note, does tri-ace have a company policy that time travel should be in every one of their games?

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@Wakapeil said:

As a side note, does tri-ace have a company policy that time travel should be in every one of their games?

No idea, but it seems to be company policy that each Star Ocean game should immediately dump its space-faring origins by having its main character warping to/crashing onto a medieval planet, and being forced to use a sword instead of a gun.

SO4 was probably my biggest disappointment of the 21st century, and we're only in 2012.

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I played that game. I did not get super far in. But it did seem kinda long till I got to the point I did. I did not understand ANYTHING of what happened in the game. But it was fun. Ahhhhh Memories. 

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@The_Laughing_Man: Breakdown was way longer than it had any reason to be, especially since it was at it's worst at the beginning of the game. I really thought I was up against the last boss when the nuclear missile turns up out of nowhere and sends you into the future. As ridiculous and overly complicated Breakdown's plot was I still find it more memorable than most games. I know it will never happen but I would love to see a directors cut with more of the trippy crazy stuff in the first half of the game.

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Oh come on, SO3 was so much of a disappoint you shouldn't of had any expectations left.


From the description I assume Breakdown was some obscure jRPG on the NES or SNES, but a FPS on the original XBox that totally makes more sense. I mean that in as sincerely and sarcastically as humanly and/or otherwisely possible.

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