Which version of Chrono Trigger should a PAL get?

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#1 Posted by Stefan (588 posts) -

Hey Bombers, since I had to miss out on Chrono Trigger when I was a child due to the fact that I am living in the PAL region I now want to catch up with this game. 
I know that there are several versions out there but I am not sure which one I should get.  

Not too long ago the game was released on the NDS, even in my region. However, I'd rather play the game on my TV unless you can give me a pretty good reason why I 
should go with the portable version. Oh and I have to add that I still have the old grey DS. 
The SNES version on the other hand is quite expensive (50bucks min) but I guess it's worth the money. My only concern is that it 
won't run on my import adapter (I think a couple of NTSC games don't run on these devices) 
There is also a quite inexpensive Playstation version which is bundled with Final Fantasy IV - the bundle is called "Final Fantasy Chronicles" and I found it on the web for 
about 20bucks. It's also a NTSC version but it should run on my PS1 which I bought a couple of years ago and haven't used ever since :-)  
The thing seems to have a modchip.  
So which game can deliver the best experience?

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#2 Posted by Punk1984 (595 posts) -

I have the PS1 re-release and except for some animated cutscenes it is the same as the SNES version. I would go with that one if you don't mind not being able to play it on the go. You could always wait until the inevitable PSN re-release so you could play it on PS3 and PSP.
Top notch game either; way you'll love it.

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#3 Posted by el_tajij (863 posts) -
@Stefan: I have the DS version and it's absolutely fantastic, so I can totally vouch for the quality of it. I had never played the original SNES version or playstation version, however.

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