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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger puts the gamer in the shoes of an ordinary country boy, with dreams of becoming an adventurous swordsman, who ends up at the fate of time itself! Early on in the game, characters and story unfolds as you go to the Millennium Fair; a kingdom-wide expo. During the fun of the fair, you bump into a mysterious young girl who demands your attention for the duration of the festivities. After a while, you visit Lucca, a childhood friend who dabbles in gadgets and such, and try out her latest invention. Your best friend Lucca's "transporter" machine goes awfully wrong and the mystery girl, Marle, gets sucked into a warp portal, leaving her glowing pendant behind. Brave Chrono (you) goes into the warp portal after her, and the time travelling adventure begins!

This game is awesome and everybody who is a fan of RPGs should try it out. The multiple side quests only add to the already lengthy (30+ hours) main story and the game is brimmed with secret armor, secret weapons, hidden dungeons, and a secret character!

The game has some of the best music ever graced on a console; composer Yasunori Mitsuya's music draws laughs and tears to rage all the same. The game's artwork is done by Akira Toriyama; a true graphical beauty.

Do yourself a favor and play this amazing game.

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