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Introversion Software's sixth game (including Subversion) was confirmed in June 2008 in the developer's blog.  Few details have been currently released, but it is known that Channel 4 (UK broadcaster) will be funding the project after they initially approached Introversion and asked them if they had any projects that could do with financing.  Apparently Chronometer's idea meant it would have been too big to have been accomplished with Introversion's current small size and so made it the perfect opportunity to accept funding to help develop the game.

Other tidbits of information include Introversion having to hire a fulltime writer for the game suggesting that it will have a far more substantial narrative than anything that Introversion have yet tackled in their games to date.  The title might suggest a mechanic involving controlling time might be in the game, though this is pure speculation.

Pre-production of Chronometer was completed in 3 months in the early part of 2008 and it is not known whether any more work has been done on it since then.

No more specifics are known but because hype is always fun and exciting here's a quote from creative director Chris Delay describing how he first told Mark Morris, another Introversion director, the idea: " I specifically remember the moment I explained it to Mark – in a KFC in London of all places, and he just stopped and stared at me while I was speaking. He genuinely couldn’t continue eating. By the time I’d finished I went back to my food and Mark just sat there silent for a few minutes before uttering “fuck me”, slowly shaking his head in disbelief."

The first concept art for Chronometer has finally been released:


It's only a teaser and obviously there's no way of guessing the type of gameplay from this art, but it does at least strongly suggest the game will be located on the moon in some kind of moonbase, maybe where some kind of scientific research is taking place, though this last bit is speculation.

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