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Who knows about it and what are your predictions???
I think it at least has a better chance than the dead or alive movie, but i still don't think its going to be stellar by any means. I hope its not as bad as the original SF movie,.....

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Kill it with fire

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Nothing good can come from this.

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You hope it's not as bad as the original Street Fighter movie? Dude, what? Is that some sort of bad joke? Street Fighter... the best movie ever.

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Um, I think mostly not anyone is even acknowledging its existence because we all know it will be terrible. On top of the fact that Kristen Kreuk just shouldn't be playing her to begin with.

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Street Fighter should not be a live-action movie.

Seriously, the characters are so over-the-top that you cannot weave them into a serious storyline without making the plot too contrived. The fact that any one could try and make a serious drama/action movie out of an incredibly cartoony videogame that barely has a plot is ridiculous, but I guess this movie is going to be paying for someone's new house so it serves some sort of purpose.

The cartoons were good. At least, the first Street Fighter anime kicked ass for what it was. It kept the feel of the videogames and didn't really have a super deep plot-line, plus the running time was pretty short so it didn't feel like it was dragging on for too long. Every time someone tries to turn Street Fighter (or any fighting game, really) into serious business, bad things always happen.

If they took a schlocky, Toxic Avenger-style route with it the movie would probably still be bad, but it wouldn't be as bad. Toxic Avenger had overly cartoony characters, a crummy plot, but it was fun. None of this "serious business" bullshittery.

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