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Circus Caper is an action platformer game from Advance Communication Company and Toho concerning a pair of siblings who visit the circus. After Judy, the sister, is kidnapped Tom, her brother, must track her across the whole circus in order to rescue her. The game passes through various platforming levels but also includes a few stages where the gameplay diverges, such as a driving stage.

The game was originally known as Moeru! Oniisan ("Burning with Passion! Big Brother") and had an entirely different plot. Moeru! Oniisan is actually based on a manga and anime of the same name, also known as The Burning Wild Man, about a boy named Kenichi who was lost in the wild and subsequently discovered and raised by a kindly old man who also taught him karate. He returns to civilization upon becoming 15, and his sister Yukie tries in vain to keep him under control.

Many elements were changed for the US version of the game, including the removal of RPG aspects, and a circus setting was used instead of the original's manga-inspired plot.

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