Development Suicide

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According to steam the video card requirements, NOT recommendations state that the game needs the same GPU competency as Crysis 2. WTF for a citybuilder strategy to require the same amount of power as modern FPS doens't seem to me to be an effective development strategy as your not going to have the same market as FPS would with teh latest rig. 
Also i hate requirements statements. As far as i can remember if you meet the requirements you can barely run the game at a reasonable Frames per second(though i know some people don't care about turning graphics settings all the way down to teh min). If your above requirements you still don't know if you can run at a reasonable FPS. Recommendation statements are more important.

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old thread, but i'm tired of sim or management games having ugly gfx

a 3850 is quite weak by now & worth ~$50, so the only issue here is that it requires opengl3 (which drops out older cards from before ~2007 regardless of how powerful they are)

it's not an isometric 2d game so...

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