Anyone ever play this?

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So I have the E3 syndrome. I really wanna play Sim City and of course its not out for awhile. However, right now on steam this is 10 bones and I'm considering it. I do have a copy of Sim City 4 I can install but if this game is any good I may just go for it. Anyone have any opinions on the game?

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Whilst I personally haven't played it, I was asking the GB Gaming Hub this very question last night and the general consensus there was it's a really hit or miss game. Some were saying If you really want to play a Sim City style of game and can't wait for the new one, then this in the Steam sale is the best bet. Others were saying they loved Sim City but couldn't stand Cities XL.

The way I see it is if you're really desperate for that type of game (and for some reason don't own Sim City 4) then go for it, otherwise just wait it out.

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The thread title immediately made me think this was some viral marketing ploy. Am i getting paranoid?

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@Questionable Definitely not my intention

@SamStrife ya I decided against it and got tropico 3 for 4 bucks and that seems to be doin the job for me.
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So yeah, since this is 10 dollars now, can anybody recommend it to tide me over until the new Sim City launches? Or is it not worth my time?

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The Cities games are interesting. I have bought and enjoyed them. It depends on what you're looking for. If you want a robust simulation of modern cities, this is probably the best thing out there right now. I actually did prefer it over SimCity 4 because SimCity is fairly dated at this point. This simulation actually lets you zoom and move the camera all the way down to a street level view. It has varied terrain types and maps. it has goals and objectives for each map. It has a lot going for it. I think there is actually a demo of it on the official website, so you might check that out or look for reviews on simulation websites.

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@MrRedwine: I appreciate your helpful post!

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I think they're good enough to fill the gap until the new Sim City comes out. I've had a lot of fun with it, and the gameplay isn't entirely dissimilar, you're still zoning things and placing specialized buildings.

They are kinda complex though, at least for me, but I'm not a very deep simmer.

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Cool. Did you check it out then?

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@MrRedwine said:


Cool. Did you check it out then?

Yeah I actually just went ahead and bought it, the tutorial stuff is good (even with the weird text conversations), but the game as a whole feels kinda second rate with a bunch of weird design choices. Overall, it seems to be a pretty solid sim though for what I imagine was a small team with a small budget.

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