Can I run COH on low?

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Hey Bombers, I have been playing WoW for over a year now at about 28-49fps at lowest setting but high resolution(FPS goes to about 9-17 in major cities) and I was just wondering how well I would run COH on lowest? Is it harder or easier to run?

               384 RAM

Thanks for any help.

P.S I'm on a laptop ;P

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You shouldn't have much problem with it.  I've got a laptop with a Mobility 9700, and it will run with no problems, however, I do need to turn the graphics down a bit.

If you have any reservations, pick up a demo of it, I know that there's plenty of guest codes out there, and give it a whirl.  That's really the only way to tell if the graphics will be acceptable to you.

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