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Ive been playing City of Heroes since the day the game came out which was sometime in 2005. After I reached the highest level, 50, I didnt want to make another character, just keep on playing with my level 50 character. After a couple of years not playing City of Heroes, there have been many patches into the game that I cant even keep track of but for some reason there is no patch that will increase the level cap to at least 60.  Why the hell wont they increase it??

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Maybe they feel it's better to keep adding endgame content rather than simply raising the level cap. 
That's just my geuss though, haven't played CoH in a while. 
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I played it quite abit myself, even had two accounts going at one point for alts. As far as I know, there are plenty of new additions to the game that you may enjoy after a break. But I've gotta say, if you're not playing that game as an alt-whore then you probably won't last very long in general. I'm shocked you made it a few years just playing a main character honestly.
Google for City of Heroes and "architect" and also take a look at their main page because they detail all of the new additions and changes in each major issue expansion.

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