Free Reactivation and Double XP Weekend

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Start: Thursday, March 4th at 8:59am Pacific Time (11:59am Eastern Time / 8:59am GMT / 9:59 Central European Time)

Just posting this up in case anyone is interested, this also applies to City of Villains or any combination of the two you might have had in the past. If you ever had an active account (not trial) for either one, this weekend your account is reactivated for free, with all your characters still there (they may have their names changed depending on how long you've been gone).
Not only that, but there's also double experience this weekend as well, and on top of all that, they're also giving everyone free server transfers. If you've been away from the game for a while, a LOT has changed, such as sidekicking/reverse sidekicking working for entire teams now, higher level players gaining xp for reverse sidekicking with lower level players (a 40 playing with a team of 10s will still get xp appropriate for his level range), and level restrictions were taken off of most zones, making a team with pretty much any makeup a possibility.
Other changes include new powersets, the mission architect, weapon and power customization, and new zones/badges. Levels 1-20 are sped up a ton, and there's ways to get jetpacks as early as level 5 to ease the wait until travel powers.
If anyone is interested, the client is here, for PC and for MAC and yes any account will work on either client. 

End: Sunday, March 7th at 11:59pm Pacific (2:59am Eastern Time / 11:59pm GMT / 0:59 Central European Time)

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Cool, someone posted this. I was about to. 54 month vet here, and still active :)
I'll see you guys on!

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yeah, coming up on 66 myself, gonna use this weekend to get my new ice/earth dominator some levels with a friend. i think she's like 20 now.
add me on global if you like, i'm @6X, i mostly play villains on protector but i have heroes on victory and one villain on virtue.

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Rumor is that we will be able to pre-order going rouge during 2x weekend. And pre-order-er-s get  dual pistols  early. If thats true, I'll be doing that.

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They deleted my naked racist character, horrible game.

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Go play Xbox Live?
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Only if you preorder the $30 base package digitally. The Complete Collection comes with a free month and an extra costume pack for only $10 more, but it's not available digitally, and you don't get new sets early.
The details are here.

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Darn, ok. Thanks for the heads up :)
Looks like I'll be pre-ordering the standard pack for the new powers. Then Upgrading to the collectors edition later on so I get the in game items.
What? City of Heroes is my Apple. I'll buy anything they sell :D

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i'm just doing the complete collection in july myself. i wasn't so hot on dual pistols in beta, i can totally wait til the expansion to play them, plus i've never really liked masterminds so not too pumped for demons.

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I am amused that this topic contains two people talking about a dead game that is dead! DEEEEEAD!

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@onimonkii: Really? I liked Dual Pistols a lot in beta. But to each his own.  *Shrugs*

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