Who's here?

#1 Posted by Fnord (32 posts) -

So, who on here plays CoX?

#2 Posted by Axersia (1621 posts) -

I don't.

#3 Posted by Dimsey (964 posts) -

I'm on hiatus at the moment, but I used too.
And then I hit a point where I had money woes and had to cut my MMORPG budget.
Fast forward to now. And I don't have those money woes.

However I'm currently stuck on Age of Conan, however I'm having issues with that. Mostly concerning lag.
But in the not too distant future if Age of Conan doesn't work out I'll definetely be heading back to City of Heroes.
I've become almost toally absorbed in all things Superhero as of late so I might wind up going back to it regardless of what happens with AoC.

The time I spent with CoH in the past however was great. Fun game.

#4 Posted by rsquared (4 posts) -

I'm also taking a break from this after 18 months.  Birth of 1st child is taking up most of my time (as well as some recent PS3 releases).  Will likely come back someday but only if they make some significant improvements. 

#5 Posted by sweetpotatoes (5 posts) -

i play it. i play on the defiant server with a level 50 tanker, rollin as a brute now mind. not sure which travel power to go with though. im thinking jump  

#6 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -

I don't play CoH anymore or MMO's for that matter. But I've got my eye on Champions Online, hopefully Cryptic can improve on CoH to make an even greater game.

#7 Posted by TheDrifter (253 posts) -

I'm on the trial

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