Why does this 7 year old game have the best character creator?

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So I was dicking around with DC Universe Online recently and it is, surprisingly, actually pretty fun. The combat isn't perfect, but it does succeed in making an MMO that is an aciton oriented experience with a pretty fluid combo system that is actually fun to use. I tried it on both PS3 and PC and what I was perhaps most surprised by was that the controls felt as good on a mouse and keyboard despite quite obviously being built with a controller in mind.

It's actually a pretty cool game that does a lot of things right that I've yet to see other MMOs do. The mission structure so far, up to about level 10, has been pretty varied and it's done a good job of making me feel entrenched in the fiction. It certianly helps that I already have some familiarity with the source material and i'm working for the fucking Joker, but yeah it's a pretty good time.

I enjoy it, also it's actually more active on PS3 than on PC which is SUPER WEIRD.

Anyway, that isn't the point of this topic, the point of this topic is


You know it's pretty fucking embarrsing, MMO developers, that this fucking old ass game that barely makes money anymore is still outclassing you in this deprartment by a large margin. Look I get it, okay. MMOs are really fucking big, you gotta make a lot of fucking shit, I understand that. But when you're making a game that's primary focus is supporting a virtual world full of thousands if not millions of people player identity is a really big fucking deal, and City of Heroes has made me spoiled and jaded.

I mean let's get one thing straight, City of Heroes isn't that great. It has it's moments, but for the most part it's an average WoW -like with some really good ideas kind of tacked on around it.

Also I said WoW-like instead of WoW Clone because it actually came out before WoW. I KNOW WEIRD RIGHT? I totally didn't know that until today.

Which, really, that kind of makes it even more inaccusable.

I mean seriously, if you haven't fucking played City of Heroes go play it. Actually don't even play it, just fucking download it and use the character creator. Obviously they've had time to add bits and bobs but still, STILL, it's pretty god damn impressiv.e.

There isn't really a point here i'm just pissed off that DC Universe is actually fun to play but I can't tolerate how fucking limited the character creation is.

Okay that was all I had to say you can go now.

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I tried the trial just for the character creator.
I never played the real game for more then a hour.

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You know, they could pull a Saints Row and just release the character creator and my dumbass would still end up buying it... God do I love creating characters...

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I would say that what the best character creator is could be disputed. Wasn't the character creator for APB available to be licensed out as middleware because it was so complete and customizable?

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I haven't used the CoH character creator, but I know I've spent HOURS in APB's character creator. That's the best one I've seen so far. Wish everyone would just use that one for their games.

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APB has a pretty robust character creator, EVE has one too iirc - but im not familiar enough with that game to say what purpose it has.
The strange thing is that games with really good character creators usually neclect other aspects of the game design, such as gameplay.

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To be honest, I prefer Champions Online's character creator. And with regards to superhero-themed massively multiplayer online games' cosmetic systems, I prefer the nice balance between 'loot' and 'looking cool' that DC Universe Online has.

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