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In Civil Engineering Simulator, the player controls three vehicles around a coastal construction site, through a series of twenty missions and a free-play mode, in order to construct a flood barrier and other items. The majority of the gameplay consists of driving a vehicle to a series of markers, and performing a simple minigame at the destination.

The game is an altered version of Ground Control Simulator and shares many of the same concepts and gameplay elements, although both the setting and available vehicles are changed, and most of the minigames become more complex. One notable addition is the inclusion of water, both surrounding the game map (replacing the infinite void) and within. The water cannot be directly interacted with and serves largely as an obstacle, disabling vehicles that enter far enough into it.

Although never 'visited' in the missions, the game map also includes a number of old-fashioned buildings and a road bridge across a river (unusable due to being raised slightly above the surrounding terrain with vehicles unable to cross the gap, as well as the generally steep terrain surrounding it). It also includes a number of structures resembling lighthouses, although with no time cycle they are purely decorative.


The game consists of twenty single-player missions, three available vehicles (each with an upgraded version unlocked during the game) and four minigames. A free-play mode is also available which allows access to all three vehicles at once, but has no scoring or goals. The upgraded vehicles are available after completing a set number of the missions, and have a different paint scheme and slightly improved steering but no other changes.

  • "Digger" - a wheeled excavator with no attachment. It has a forward top speed of 26 mph. The arm has one degree of freedom and a limited range, but movement of it is not required in any case. Its associated minigame involves picking up a 'tetrapod' accurately, and then placing it as close to the destination as possible, with a typical minigame usually requiring movement of five such objects.
  • "Roller" - An exceptionally underwhelming vehicle, it has a very weak engine (limiting it to a top speed of 5 mph on flat ground) and is also liable to slipping on even the slightest incline. Its minigame involves driving over an area of ground in order to 'flatten' it, with the area divided into grid sections the player must drive through and scoring base upon time to complete. Due to the static nature of the game map, no actual flattening occurs; the area in question is also identical in every mission.
  • "Truck" - a standard dump truck, with a top speed of 26 mph. It has six wheels, none of which are connected to axles or in any way attached to the rest of the vehicle. Its minigame is retained from Ground Control Simulator, requiring the player to rapidly press the left and right arrow keys to load it (it even retains the original text in English that refers to loading a 'plane'). Although the game considers emptying the truck to be a minigame, and the tipping of the bed is animated, it occurs automatically when necessary and has no player interaction.

A fourth minigame involves repairing one of the three vehicles, requiring the player to accurately hit the spacebar when a moving indicator is within a narrow area, with score based upon the number of successes in the given time limit.

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