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Claire was a lab assistant working under Bill Hawks and Dimitri Allen, whom were trying to make a time machine. Once they both believed they had succeeded, Claire was to be the first test subject despite Allen's protests. However, due to a miscalculation Allen had found, the time machine exploded taking Claire's life moments before he could rectify the mistake.

At the same time, Claire was in a relationship with Hershel Layton, with whom she had given the iconic top hat to as a present for becoming a professor. Along with Dimitri Allen, Don Paolo also had a crush on Claire.

Present Day

On the day of the time machine explosion, Claire was actually sent 10 years into the future. Since the machine was incomplete, Claire's molecularity was unstable so after a certain time in the present she would travel back in time to the day of the explosion and die. Dimitri Allen learned of this and tried to save Claire's life by kidnapping present day scientists to create another time machine to save her. Unbeknownst to Allen, Clive Dove, his partner, rerouted sources to creating a war machine to destroy London.

Claire uses the alias "Celeste" posing as her estranged younger sister in order to help Professor Layton stop Clive from destroying London. Soon after, Claire reveals her true identity and says goodbye to Professor Layton one last time.

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