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Claude Kenni is one of the two lead characters in the video game Star Ocean: The Second Story. Claude is a newly commissioned Ensign from the planet Earth, a highly advanced planet during the game's events. He is aboard his father's spacecraft. His father is the highly praised and respected military captain Roxinis Kenni.
Claude's story starts off on a mysterious planet in which the crew of Captain Kenni's ship is investigating. They enter a building, where Claude disobeys his fathers orders and advances towards a mysterious machine. When he gets too close, the machine activates, teleporting Claude to a distant planet called Expel. Claude arrives on Expel, where he encounters Rena, a local girl, who is about to be attacked by a giant beast. Claude defeats it with his Phase Gun, a powerful, advanced weapon. This scares Rena, who flees. Claude catches up, and then he is invited to the village of Arlia, to be praised for his heroic efforts.
While here, he learns that the villagers believe him to be a prophecized hero, the "Warrior of Light". He fits all the criteria, being an alien, coming during a time of great fear and danger, and possessing the "Sword of Light" (his Phase Gun). He explains he's no Warrior of Light, and is then asked to not use his Phase Gun and give people the wrong impression, or false hope. Eventually, the Phase Gun loses it's ammunition, and is no longer usable, so Claude turns to using primitive swords the rest of the game.

Claude takes Rena to go on an adventure to try and stop the effects of the mysterious and deadly Sorcery Globe, apparently the cause of much chaos and death on Expel. Claude and Rena lead a party of warriors and magicians to find the root of the Sorcery Globe's powers, and to hopefully put a stop to the monsters and general unusual events that have been occurring.

This leads them to the Elurian Tower, where the Sorcery Globe is located, and guarded. It is here that Claude is suddenly transported up to reunite with his father, after the spacecraft caught a faint signal from Claude's communicator. He asks to return to save his friends, but is not allowed. In a tricky move, he asks to at least say goodbye before the entire planet is blown apart. He arrives, then abandons his communicator, no longer being able to be transported back to the ship. The team then confronts the main force and leader behind the Sorcery Globe and all the terrible occurrences. It is from here that the party is accidentally transported to Energy Nede, and ditched by the evil villains. From here, the party goes on to further take out these evildoers, called "God's Ten Wise Men".
Claude's Killer Moves are:

  • Phase Gun (Automatic; lost after certain point early in story): a powerful Earth gun that does massive damage early in the game.
  • Air Slash (Level 3): sends air waves to an enemy, either short or long range.
  • Shooting Stars (Level 7): at long range, it fires a strong ball of fire at the target; short range it's a flurry of multiple fiery punches.
  • Head Splitter (Level 12): Claude leaps into the air and lands on the target's head.
  • Energy Sword (Level 20): Claude will heal himself for a certain percentage of his max health.
  • Burst Knuckle (Level 28): at long range he fires a ball of flame much like Shooting Stars; short range is a fire punch.
  • Ripper Blast (Level 38): causes rocks to push up from the ground in front of Claude and to his sides, hits all foes in its reach.
  • Twin Slash (Level 45): Claude uppercuts the enemy with his blade, then swings it back down for a second hit.
  • Dragon Howl (Level 53): an air dragon is summoned and shoots bursts of dragon breath at the enemy, making multiple hits.
  • Sword Bomber (Level 62): Claude jumps into the air and volleys 2 or 3 fireballs down on the target.
  • Mirror Slice (Level 70): a rapid succession of 4 sword slashes on the enemy.

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