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Claves is Jazz's significant other and one of the higher-ups within Andantino. She's quite shy and resolved throughout the game. Claves shows obvious signs of internal turmoil by her hesistations and body language, she is hiding something.

She wears a distinct outfit. One leg has a stocking, one doesn't, very nice boots, a gauntlet on one arm and a glove on the other and the torso piece is finished off with a sash and a rose. Her hair is pulled back in a braid and two smaller bangs come down from near her ears.

Combat style

Claves is one of those 'everything' characters, or is supposed to be. She has good healing moves, a few powerful offensive specials and decent stats. But her attack power is too low for her to deal any significant amount of damage, she's better off serving as a healer most of the time. Bring her in to finish off wounded enemies or have her double team with another party member on a tough character and she'll do fine, but by herself she doesn't cut it. Claves uses a rapier in battle as well.


Claves is also a musical percussion instrument.

She is voiced by Mie Sonozaki and Tara Platt in Japanese and English respectively.

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