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Clean Sweep replaces the ghosts from Pac-man with bank robbers and you play as the bank's manager. After the robbers blew your bank to smithereens, you must collect all the money with your trusty vacuum. As you are collecting the money your vacuum begins to fill, expanding until full. (Holding up to 32 "bills") Once full you must return the money to the vault. (Center, highlighted yellow by the Vectrex overlay) As time passes the robbers will continue to spawn (Maps start with 1 robber and go up to 4) and they will also get anxious and begin to get faster. At the 4 corners of the board there are "special rooms", that when entered your vacuum becomes supercharged. While supercharged, your vacuum will hold infinite money and also suck up the robbers themselves. Also while supercharged you cannot deposit money into the vault, any money collected during the charge can never be deposited into bank and does not add to the size of the vacuum. The supercharge lasts only 10 seconds. After all the money is retrieved, the board flashes and resets the game to the beginning while keeping track of score.    

  • 1 Bill/Money collected = 10 points
  • 1 Bill/Money returned to vault = 20 points
  • Full Vacuum load returned = 640 points
  • Supercharging = 50 points
  • Robber eaten = 100 points 
  • If robbers are eaten consecutively with same supercharge, scoring is doubled with each robber (i.e. 4 robbers eaten with same charge, 1st robber = 100 points, 2nd robber = 200 points, 3rd robber = 400 points, 4th robber = 800 points) 

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