Am I the only one who thinks he talks so much?

#1 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

this guy likes to run his mouth everywhere. He was praising Kajima's work, talking about the 360.
any controversial subject in videogames youll find him there. He thinks he is the best, look at him on GT
hes like "well gears 2 kick ass... i dont wanna hype it, im just saying"
he needs to shut up.
anyone with me?

#2 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

Yeah, he gets on my nerves

#3 Posted by Ma7moud (805 posts) -

Not really I think he is cool and he is probably right about saying that Gears 2 kick ass  But what I care about is the games he design which are great.

#4 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

He is wayyyy too obnoxious, but is responsible for one damn good game.

#5 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

he is, but i mean he is over the top on himself if you get what i mean.

#6 Posted by mandalore777 (12 posts) -

he can be very annoying and that's why I avoid watching any video that could have him in it

#7 Posted by ATotalMelvin (71 posts) -

Nah, he's cool. I like him, but I'm not a fan of Gears of War.

Please don't kill me, it's just boring. :/

#8 Posted by banned8921 (1246 posts) -

yes you are cliffy b has a charisma score of 10 so you just think he talkso too much, but in truth you have homosexual fantasies for him.

#9 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -

Am I the only person who honestly couldn't give a crap about this guy? Honestly, every misstep this guy takes the world goes up in flames. Reeeeelaaaaaaxuuuuuh.

#10 Posted by pause422 (6262 posts) -

I don't hate him or anything, but I do think he gives plenty of people the wrong impression sometimes.

#11 Posted by banned8921 (1246 posts) -

he makes kickass games i say gears is the contra of this gen i cant get bored of it...

#12 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

What do we care? I like his games, and he seems like a decent enough guy. David Jaffey (God of War) is COMPLETELY full of himself though. Cliffy's cool though, don't go dissin'.

#13 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

I think he's a fucking moron.


#14 Posted by Subway (971 posts) -

He's a badass, and Gears 2 will kick ass so he's right in saying so :)

#15 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -
Cube said:
"I think he's a fucking moron.

Don't be dissin'. (Little do people know, I am the real Cliff Bleszinski.)

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