Cliff Bleszinski Leaving Epic Games

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Man... Cliff was SO much more than a "mastermind behind Gears of War". Seriously.

#202 Posted by Soviut (168 posts) -

As much as Something Awful liked to rip on CliffyB, he is basically the Steve Jobs of Epic games. And as much as I liked to rip on Steve Jobs, I ...oh hang on, my iPhone is ringing...

#203 Posted by Village_Guy (2796 posts) -

Oh shit! What about Jazz Jackrabbit?!

#204 Posted by MachoFantastico (5585 posts) -

Surprised, but understandable.

#205 Posted by Puflwiz (46 posts) -

@MisuseOfLasers: made me chuckle.

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#207 Posted by PillClinton (3358 posts) -

Surprising, interested to see what he does next.

#208 Posted by Humanity (11860 posts) -

It will be exciting to see what younger new developers will come up with now that the faces we all know are getting out of the biz. When you look at a PC Gamer from 1998 or something and see issues like "The Gods of Gaming" most of those guys are in some form of retirement and have been for years, but the industry just kept on going. This is not the end, but rather a new exciting era of new hardware and new eager devs. I hope a lot of creativity will pour forth after 2013 (if we all are alive) and we get to see some seriously needed innovation.

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Well, that was a surprise. Wish him the best of luck, whatever he chooses to do!

#210 Posted by Batmeng (202 posts) -

@mrsmiley said:

Man... Cliff was SO much more than a "mastermind behind Gears of War". Seriously.

Was he a wizard?

#211 Posted by jamesisaacs (228 posts) -

Now he's got more time to pork his girlfriend!

#212 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

A sad day but I will await his return!

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With Cliff leaving Epic and the doctors leaving BioWare/EA a lot of big names seem to be leaving and taking breaks.

I'm surprised he has left Epic. It will be interesting to see what design decisions will be different now that he is not there.

I hope Cliff does eventually come back to the gaming industry as he has worked on some games I've really liked over the years.

I'd like Cliff Bleszinski to eventually end up at somewhere like Microsoft as I think it would be a good fit. Microsoft seem adverse to taking risks but maybe willing to listen to someone like Cliff Bleszinski as his previous track record of working with them (i.e. the Gears of War series) has been good and Cliff Bleszinski does seem very much like a core gamer with some good ideas.

I hope he doesn't go off to do smaller titles as I think he does well with big budget AAA rated games.

#214 Posted by Ronald (1439 posts) -
“chart the next stage of his career,”

So, he's going to Naughty Dog?

#215 Posted by dicnose (41 posts) -

sounds like the invisable hand of eleoctrin arts is behind this...........

#216 Posted by ThatPrimeGuy (153 posts) -

If you're telling me the thing you think Cliff will be remembered for is JUST Gears Of War I don't think I want to live on this planet anymore.

Hey, Valve. You better talk to this guy.

#217 Posted by SpartanHoplite (429 posts) -

ok, so the guys taking an extended break, maybe he'll be back, or forms a new studio via Kickstarter, isnt that the trend these days.

#218 Posted by Daiphyer (1420 posts) -

@Begilerath said:

20 years! that's a looong time to be working in the same place...also, How old is this dude? Was he working at Epic since he was 15 or something?

He was born in 1975, making him 37 years old. He started working at Epic at 17.

Before you say it, yeah, that's fucking crazy.

#219 Posted by StrikeALight (1129 posts) -

First the Drs @ Bioware, and now Cliffy B.


#220 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

@Jedted said:

First the Bioware Doctors now Cliffy B, wonder what this says about the video game industry as a whole.

Such incredibly different circumstances, reading into that will lead you down a DARK path. The difference is that Epic is pretty content with their place in the industry and have clearly been able to do what they want, with Fortnite. I don't think he's a broken man like the Doctors were.

#221 Posted by plato84 (82 posts) -

This is sad, but I wish him the best in his future endevours.

#222 Posted by RazielCuts (3077 posts) -

'Young Clifford' ain't so young anymore, he's bordering on 40 and getting (got?) married so its about that time in his life to 'go home and be a family man'.

#223 Posted by kagato (1078 posts) -

Thats a pretty big blow to Epic, he is pretty much their poster boy at the moment and whilst im sure life goes on and they will still make games people like, they will have a hard time finding someone who enjoys being in the public eye as much as him. This not long after Ferguson left too, is that Gears of War done then?

#224 Posted by ProfessorEss (7701 posts) -

I wonder if he's leaving the industry? I sure hope not, vidjagames needs people like Blesz.

#225 Posted by Droop (1925 posts) -

I wonder if he has to pay to licens the Unreal Engine now.

#226 Posted by Zabant (1337 posts) -

its news like this that makes me realise how crazy it is that miyamoto is STILL in games.

#227 Posted by FakeKisser (372 posts) -

Can't wait to see what he comes up with after he takes a (hopefully, short) break. :)

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that's surprising and crazy. Did he take a look at the new xbox and was like "fuck it I'm out"?

#229 Posted by gjedwards (111 posts) -

i guess his heart just wasnt in it anymore and the only way to control that is with a little thing i like to call a deep cycle marine battery..... or LSD.

#230 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

@OriginalHB504 said:

Now maybe Judgement has a better chance of coming to pc.

Real weird comment.

#231 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

sponsored links huh

#232 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

@dicnose said:

sounds like the invisable hand of eleoctrin arts is behind this...........

EA are largely to blame for what's going on at Bioware, but I don't think you can blame them for everything that happens.

It's more probable that Microsoft is paying them bags of money to keep making Gears of War games and he wants to move on to do something else. Pretty much the same situation as Bungie were in a few months back, except there it was with the whole studio.

#233 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -

So long Cliff 'Don't call me Cliffy B' Blezinski, we'll miss you at E3.

Mostly because we enjoyed looking at your hot wife.

#234 Posted by TheDoorman (571 posts) -

Awww man. Well best of luck to Cliffy B

#235 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

This mans games have always had tight gameplay systems and each game was a big improvement from the last, can't say that about a lot of developers. GOW3 was just the perfect 3rd person shooter.

#236 Posted by GaspoweR (4174 posts) -

I will always remember him for Jazz Jackrabbit... Always.

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So, videogames are over now, eh? Oh well, It was fun while it lasted.

#238 Posted by ChameleonX (16 posts) -

Great, there goes my dream for a Jazz Jackrabbit HD remake.

All the best to Cliffy!

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@theanticitizen said:


@theanticitizen: It's hard to look right, at you baby.

@sthusby you're my favorite

I have that effect on people.

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I was hoping this was just a bad dream. Hope Dude Huge keeps making games because Gears played amazing.

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Jazz Jackrabbit was one of my first and favorite action games. I don't know how much he wrote of the hilarious comic in the manual, but this humor always felt like Cliffy B to me. Fare thee well, Cliffy! Can't wait to see what you're up to next...

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Wow, hey Cliff, good luck on your next thing. Hope it's still in gaming though, we need people like you.

#243 Posted by Balex1908 (150 posts) -

Please dont tell me you will make mobile/social games too.

#244 Posted by Hameyadea (384 posts) -

Patrick's closing sentence made me feel like I was reading an obituary...

#245 Posted by Ethereal (93 posts) -

Dude Huge. Respect

#246 Posted by Rekt_Hed (947 posts) -

errrrrrrrrr what!? Ok sure thought I guess he had to move on at some point. Still makes this real weird though

#247 Posted by Czarpyotr (357 posts) -

Would love for him to make the rounds on some podcasts.

#248 Posted by Lucidlife (108 posts) -

Must be nice to be a rich video game designer that is able to take years off.

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#250 Posted by ezdude (406 posts) -

Surprised, but not at the same time.

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