Cliff Bleszinski Leaving Epic Games

#251 Posted by chubbs21 (60 posts) -

Cliffy B Who?

#252 Posted by loopy_101 (366 posts) -

Cliffy B's been out of touch for years now, even so, thanks for the memories. Unreal Tournament '99 still stands to be one of my favourite games of all time.

#253 Posted by Boopie (197 posts) -

Rod Ferguson left the company in August as well so this is a major brain drain for the Gears property I don't see where Giantbomb reported on Ferguson leaving

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Wow, I actually didn't see that one coming! Think Jazz Jackrabbit was one of the first games i got for my Windows 95 pc.

#255 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

@Hailinel said:


meh not that big of a deal.

i dont understand why dudes are always being tied to one studio. it would be cool if the best game designers were treated like movie directors.

He's been with Epic his entire career and was one of the longest tenured, most respected people in the company. Of course his departure is a big deal.

not, it isn't. people move on, make changes, not a big deal at all dude. its just a place to work at, he wants to do something else and work on something different, whoopdeedoo

#256 Posted by bluefoxxy (229 posts) -

Good riddance. Hope I never have to hear that name again... CliffyB, in my mind, is just some whiney forum poster from the 90's that didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.

#257 Posted by Namekaze_Minato (26 posts) -

Capcom, Lionhead, Bioware and now .........Epic games....loosing the staff behind their legendary franchises.....this is a sad time for the gaming industry.

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