Cliffy B. On Falon April 8th to show off his new game

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first of all, i looked on the Cliffy B forum, the 360 forum and the gears 2 forum and didnt find a topic about this. If this is "old" then I apologize and go ahead and lock it :D
Anyway, so Cliff will be on Jimmy Falon next thursday to debut his new game. So its either Gears 3 (probably since rumours some time ago pegged the first teaser for April 8th which is when Falon is on) or the People Can Fly game. So my question is... why the fuck would Microsoft blow their gears wad now isntead of waiting 2 months to reveal it at june?
Is this another Nintendo 3DS thing, where companies are just afraid shit will leak out (like last year 90% of E3 did to be fair) and just want to get the information out as fast as possible?
oh, link (one of many, joystiq, IGN and others are all reporting it before you say April 1st :D)

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I suppose they might be afraid it will leak before an official announcement. Crap like that has gotten increasingly bad over the last few years. Next Thursday, huh?

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It's gonna be Gears 3 and it's gonna have a female playable character, calling it

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