Does anyone think Cliff Bleszinski is a tad self centered?

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#1 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

I'm not really trying to bash on the guy, but sometimes I feel that he thinks he is better than everyone else.  I love what he does and he creates my favorite game of all time, but his somewhat cocky attitude sometimes makes me think he is self centered

Note: He is not always like this, just once in a while

#2 Posted by Xav (2 posts) -

The dude's actually really nice.

#3 Posted by Yunvon (124 posts) -

He is ok, all I have to say last name ;)

#4 Posted by Soopy (46 posts) -

no, he is a great guy. never heard from anybody or in an interview that he was anything but nice.

#5 Posted by Matt (968 posts) -

Not at all. I really like listening to him talk about gears. He doesn't try to spin it and you can tell he has a passion about games.

#6 Posted by Joker (675 posts) -

I don't think so. He always seems nice, and just trying to bring up his game, like any other developer.

#7 Posted by get2sammyb (6412 posts) -

No I don't get that at all. He seems very down to Earth to me. He always comes across like he ACTUALLY cares about his particular product - something you don't get in many entertainment industries.

#8 Posted by VoodooTerror (607 posts) -

I like how he carries himself in interviews, i think the cockiness you're seeing is mearly confidence in his games, which is understandable since they rock

#9 Posted by Evil_Eye (24 posts) -

He's on the edge of confidence and cockiness, but he comes across well

#10 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

He seems pretty chill

#11 Posted by AttackedCamo (821 posts) -

He seems pretty nice. Every time he does an interview it really seems he is very passionate about what he does.

#12 Posted by Schadenfreude (206 posts) -

Young Clifford seems like a nice person to me. Good sense of humor too.

#13 Posted by davecuk (158 posts) -

He does have a bit of an ego but I guess he deserves to with the success of his game releases, he seems a nice guy otherwise.

#14 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

He seems like a cool guy and always jokes around about stuff.  You gotta love some of his shirts.

#15 Posted by Jigen (189 posts) -

Probably not self centered, but self promoting at least.  He's taken the role of PR guy for Epic, but he seems to push himself into the position of being a 'big name'.

#16 Posted by squallws (64 posts) -

He may or may not be self centered but he is a genius when it comes to designing games

#17 Posted by WizzyKid (259 posts) -

He seems like a fine guy to me.

#18 Posted by tokyochicken (849 posts) -

I dont know he kind of seems that way but most of the time he sounds like a really cool guy. At heart Cliff is a giant geek from what I've seen of him. Either way he makes a good game I can give him a break for that.

#19 Posted by Subway (971 posts) -

When I was watching his interview with Ricardo Torres(SP?) he seemed somewhat irritated throughout the entire thing, but for the most part he always seems really nice.

#20 Posted by Feanor (1395 posts) -

He is just a guy who has a pretty big personality.  He seems like a really nice guy.

#21 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

At least he understands that everything he says could backfire on him. 

#22 Posted by Kowalski (262 posts) -

Young Clifford is probably a nice person, but he's obviously trying to become a well-known "industry person". Stuff like that should happen naturally, or they shouldn't happen at all. Your cred is created around you, not by you.
Look at the four dudes we've got doing this site. I have "followed" their work for about 9 years now , and look at this site launch. This is not happening because they are out there promoting themselves as anything more than their knowledge and history. All else is automatic.

On the other hand, it is often said most creative people, say filmmakers, video producers are big egos, and they have to be to do what they have to do. I'm not sure I share that viewpoint, that being selfcentered is key to being successful, but it might go hand in hand in more ways than I'd know.

Anyways, Giantbomb rules people!!!

#23 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

Giantbomb does rule, no its kickass ^^^

#24 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

A lot of people here are epic Gears fans so. :P

But actually he kinda is.... or with his games anyways, the way he talks about them and whatnot does come off as a bit..... 'hoo raw me cool'.

#25 Posted by Kenzo287 (722 posts) -

I wouldn't know I've never met him but I would like to one day

#26 Posted by MasterSplinter (636 posts) -

I think Cliff, like Dennis Dyack and Peter Molyneux, is just really excited about his products. They are some of the most dedicated developers out there and I feel as though sometimes they are just misunderstood. I don't think it is cockiness, but rather enthusiasm.

#27 Posted by Nightkiller93 (174 posts) -

He seems nice and down to earth in the interviews he does.

#28 Posted by mrhankey (695 posts) -

i think he may come off self centered since he wanted them to quit referring to him as Cliffy B or the Cliffster mainly because he's older now and he probably wants to feel very professional in his choice of career.

#29 Edited by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

I wouldn't say he seems self centred, he just has a bit of personality about him, something a lot of developers seem to lack.

#30 Posted by Ma7moud (805 posts) -

I think he is cool and funny. Don't know why people dislike .

#31 Posted by Jimbo_N (1197 posts) -

He is an extremely down to earth guy with a bruning passion for what he does. He is an attentionwhore yea, and both him and everyone around him has acknowledged that and that only makes him more unique as an industry personality. More power to him.

#32 Edited by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -
Tarsier said:
"I think he is a homosexual. I am not saying this as an insult, I actually think it's true.

I also think the character in Gears of War are homosexual.
I'm probably quoting a troll, but on the Gears of War bonus disc, it showed him with his then 19 year old girlfriend.
#33 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1050 posts) -

Just read my review of Gears, and you'll know what I think of him...

#34 Posted by Nemesis (317 posts) -

In a way yes, as you mostly see him in most Gears of War related things, and he loves to be in all the Gears of War videos, interviews, etc... But he loves video games (especially the ones hes working on), and hey he did come up with the idea for a gun with a chainsaw bayonet. He can't be that bad.

#36 Posted by DualReaver (3882 posts) -

I think he's a great guy who takes a lot of pride in what he does.
His enthusiasm for Gears, is just fun to see.

#37 Posted by hazelnutman (1097 posts) -

He's quite an appealing person.

If I was a lady, I'd fall for him.

#38 Edited by tokyochicken (849 posts) -

He can sometimes but at the core of it he is just a really big geek. I saw this biography thing on him back when G4 was airing it and he really just comes off as a guy who just is totally psyched about making good games.

#39 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -
tokyochicken said:
"He can sometime but at the core of it he is just a really big geek. I saw this biography thing on him back when G4 was airing it and he really just comes off as a guy who just is totally psyched about making good games."
Werd 2 dat Brutha
#40 Posted by banned8921 (1246 posts) -

no i dont cliff blezsinski is cool.

#41 Posted by Clifford_ (3 posts) -

I don't think its any fault of his own. A lot of video game media coverage has tried painting him as this video game celebrity. This business all started when Gears of War launched and became really successful, Im not entirely sure why everyone has embraced Blezinski as some champion of video games.....maybe its because of his bleached and gelled hair.

#42 Posted by Silverbucket (72 posts) -

I don't know why people hate him, ever since Gears 2 was announced people have been making wild accusations.

#43 Posted by calf_exercises (858 posts) -

yes, but he is still call and all he is doing is promoting his work, just think about it this way. If he isnt pumped for his games no one will be.

#44 Posted by Jedted (2442 posts) -

I think it's cause he's young and easily relatable to the average gamer(ie. gamers who play nothing but Halo or Gears).  The popularity of the Gears of War franchise deffinatly helped put him up on that pedastel too.

I kinda agree that his cockiness is a sign of his passion for making games but there's always gonna be some people who take that to mean he's self-centered.  Personally, i think bashing console manufacturers should be left to the critics though.

#45 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3159 posts) -

he is an splendid guy , but be sure that Gears Of War franchise is not merely his game , it is a game developed by hundreds of people  . but he is my favorite in between all those people nevertheless  .

#46 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

No, I have never thought that ; /

#47 Posted by DragoonKain1687 (702 posts) -

Sometimes he says that, but he laters says he is joking. Like when he said that he did not liked Kojima, but a few days later he was praising the guy. I respect Cliff, he makes some of the best action games in the market so I cant go against him, since he is a quality dev, but if someone from, lets say Silicon Knights was to praise about themselves, I would really fall with all the might of Thor over him.

What I mean is, if you are good, then its great if you are a little bit cocky, as long as you dont reach the Itagaki level of "Im the King of Devs" complex. Guys as Kojima and Cliffy are great devs as they praise themselves, but they are also humble at times. (and I dont know why, but Kojima loves Gears and Cliffy loves MGS. A conspiracy??)

#48 Posted by LiquidPrince (16237 posts) -
MOLE said:
"I'm not really trying to bash on the guy, but sometimes I feel that he thinks he is better than everyone else.  I love what he does and he creates my favorite game of all time, but his somewhat cocky attitude sometimes makes me think he is self centered

Note: He is not always like this, just once in a while"
He seems pretty nice, but even if he was a tad self centered, he deserves to be with his resume.
#49 Posted by Dynamo22 (70 posts) -

I agree, the guy did make two of the best Xbox 360 games to date, not to mention in the genre. He may seem a bit self centered, but most people who seem that way truly enjoy what they do, and are truly happy people. That can come off as arrogant to others because they are jealous and want that same life style. Because its such a rare thing in this day and age. More power to the guy.

#50 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -

No, I think he is his own person and doesn't like to be under the gun by corporate execs.

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