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Cliff Diving is a free to play augmented reality diving game made for the PlayStation Vita by Spiral House. It casts the player as daredevil Diver Dan, as he attempts to pull off increasingly spectacular dives and win big money prizes. Using the Vita's AR cards, cliffs and other diving spots can be set up on any flat surface.


The player controls Diver Dan using timed button presses as he attempts to pull off specific dives. Successful dives grant money and points, used to unlock new diving platforms, while failed ones can send Dan to the hospital, costing him money.

The game comes with 6 diving platforms - Basic, Tropical, Iceberg, Shipwreck, Crane, and Helicopter. In addition, the Custom Cliff option lets players make their own diving scenario by placing one card on a high surface creating a diving board, and a second one on a lower one creating a pool of water for Dan to dive into.


The game has a paid DLC called the Splashdown Pack. Its content includes two additional diving platforms - Lighthouse and Missile Silo, 12 new high-risk dives, and new failed dive animations for Dan.

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