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Clive Barker's S&M Festival

Clive Barker’s Jericho is by far one of the most visually dark games I have ever played. The first enemy you encounter is a genitally disfigured gimp on the warpath couple that with the already rather dark near apocalyptic overtones of the game you truly wonder what serious trauma has beset Clive Barker in his life.

That’s not to say the game has got it’s interesting qualities. I for one loved the possession of characters by their leader and the way he interacts with each of them using their specific traits and powers. All of them with their own dark powers and past seem to be a key point in their dialogue and interaction throughout the game.

The main attraction of the game is it’s story, without it the game would be just another mediocre FPS title. The story is compelling enough to urge you to play on and provides some interesting stories for each character that unfortunately weren’t completely fleshed out. 

The dark eerie levels definitely added to the scare factor of the game but the clunky controls and piss poor flash light left the overall gameplay to feel slightly lacking in depth. Combine that with the powerhouse character of the game you really didn’t get a good chance to play all of what was intended without going out your way and putting yourself at a severe deficit against the opponent.

In a nutshell the game is ok at it’s best but if you like bondage, blood and (Clive) Barker, it might be worth a look. And if you fail to get your rocks off with the amount of leather, whips and chains the game has to offer I’m sure you probably have your own collection of S&M sites to appease you.


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