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A diamond in the rough so-to-speak. 0

Clive Barker Jericho is a horror themed first person shooter—not much else to say about. There are some squad mechanics if that means anything to anyone… there is some gore, there is some more shooting… there is nothing of this game that I can justify in saying that it’s groundbreaking as this game is so mediocre… it almost seems a tad bit funny. From the famed Clive Barker, this game is a very mediocre game but it looks pretty and that’s all there is to it. The art design is impeccable, the sto...

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Dark, Depressing, Dismal, etc. 0

The rental of rentals, never have I been so sure that a game should never be purchased. This game whose title will remain unspoken, practically begs to be played through in a day. Without playing this game, I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the dark and grim style from Gears of War. No dreadful aesthetic can truly be appreciated until you spend time with something even more baffling in its disgusting and filthy existence. For every moment you spent pondering where the greens and blues went...

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Blood, Gore, Guns, Magic 0

Clive Barker’s is the second game that has been developed from an idea from the man who is known for his horror films such as Hell raiser. This gives the game a promising start as Barkers horror Stories are well written and intriguing the question is does this translate well into a videogame. The game takes place through 5 different times from modern day to the crusaders as god’s first creation the Firstborn who is trying to destroy everything that has been created. The squad have been tasked...

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Clive Barker's Jericho is a hugely underrated shooter, that deser 0

 The days since I was a big fan of shooters have long since gone by, none of the recent gen of shooters particularly impressed me, Perfect Dark Zero wasn't bad but not a patch on the original, Gears Of War was all right but certainly didn't leave an impression on me and Call Of Duty has outstayed it's welcome. Now along comes Jericho a game I decided to try based souley on watching a "let's play" on youtube that really intrigued me. The game itself received mediocre reviews at best, yet in my op...

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I Like it So There. 0

Jericho  Best  thing  I   Like  about   Jericho   is  the  Team  you  have  and   the  Diffrent  powers  each  Member  has  in   the  Game,  They  all  work  very  well  as   a  Team   and  if   you  use   them  Right  you   will  do  very  well  in  the   Game,  The  Music   is   Awsome   very  scary   the  story   is  so  so.   The  Boss  fights  so  Far   is   nothing  Great   just   Ok,   The  levels   in  the  Game   - Not  much   there  same  old   few  Levels  that  gets   old,   I  do  l...

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A unique game that is sadly only a rent 0

Don't worry about the graphics, they look great and help set the environment for both the story and the gruesome monsters. The story is something that kept me on the edge of my seat, much like watching an intense movie at the theater or reading a really engaging book, and I couldn't stop playing because I wanted to learn more about the plot. Throughout the missions a lot of unexpected plot turns will come at you, so expect an interesting story to be presented.The sounds were great. You could hea...

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Clive Barker's S&M Festival 0

Clive Barker’s Jericho is by far one of the most visually dark games I have ever played. The first enemy you encounter is a genitally disfigured gimp on the warpath couple that with the already rather dark near apocalyptic overtones of the game you truly wonder what serious trauma has beset Clive Barker in his life.That’s not to say the game has got it’s interesting qualities. I for one loved the possession of characters by their leader and the way he interacts with each of them using their spec...

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Hurt me more! 0

Well, looks like we've got another game where you pray for a 1rst grade handicap cap kid to help you over the A.I.  Keep in mind I've only been playing this for a little over an hour and the only thing that is half way decent is the crappy art work in it.  It "TRIES" to work like an army strategy almost, but fails horribly.  You know the kind of instance where you tell your crew to stay where they are and then all of a sudden their running right in front of you.  Other times it works, but very r...

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Yes...and no...what the*** 0

That game is good and in the same time is boring...The graphics and the sound are actually very good,but something is not right,let's find out what,shall we:)Now,the first and the most awful thing is the level the first part of the game I was,like,walking in a same path,the corridors were same,that really bad level design makes main problem,like that,there is no space to move,and that made the game hard in some places.In the beginning I was very shocked how is possible in a team shoo...

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bad use of the unreal3 engine 0

This game first off looks really interesting in a strange way. Its dark, it looks competent, but its when you actually get the controller and start playing when the disappointment settles in. This game is lack luster and a disappointment in many levels. The story is a strange and rather an excuse for a purpose to play than a legitimate story. You are part of a paranormal task force that has the new task of going to these ruins in the desert that have immense amount of paranormal activity. This q...

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