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Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (CIG) is the company responsible for running the highly successful Kickstarter project, Star Citizen.

At the end of the funding campaign it had raised $6,238,563. That number has grown significantly through additional pledges and donations suggesting that the company has convinced a large number of space sim enthusiasts to rally around their project.

CIG was founded sometime in 2011 by Chris Roberts. It made its first public appearance online on the 10th of September 2012 through a teaser website for Star Citizen.

CIG is represented in-game in the Star Citizen Universe as Roberts Space Industries, one of several spaceship manufacturers with its own line of ships for players to fly.

Along with the main office in Austin, Texas, Chris has also established satellite offices in Los Angeles and Montreal. Each of these offices handle different aspects of Star Citizen's development process.

Chris' brother Erin Roberts later joined the development process establishing his own studio called Foundry 42 located in Manchester. This studio is tasked with developing the single player component of Star Citizen called Squadron 42.

CIG also out-sources some of its work to 3rd party companies to handle tasks such as web infrastructure, pre-visualization and even the first person shooter component of Star Citizen. These companies include: Turbulent, CGBot, Void Alpha, Behaviour, along with Crytek who are directly assisting CIG with the use of CryEngine 3.

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