A Monument To All My Sins

#1 Posted by mwng (891 posts) -

Nintendo based sins that is!
After about two weeks of waiting, it finally came.

First off let's do some napkin math to calculate how much this actually cost. Most Nintendo published games here cost £40, each of these games is worth 250 Nintendo Stars. The Controller costs 7000 Nintendo Stars. That's 28 games, or £1120!
Clearly I'm not totally insane, so most of these codes were gained from begging or borrowing, as most people don't know Club Nintendo even exists.
Anyway, now I can go and legitimately complete Donkey Kong Country on the Virtual Console! Joy!
#2 Posted by ESREVER (2574 posts) -

That is simply wonderful! I had no idea such a gadget existed. 
I want one... 

#3 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (2950 posts) -
Nintendo Club's got all kinds of crazy stuff, but that control is so awesome.  Totally worth it.

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