Club Nintendo is offering games as rewards!

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Club Nintendo has announced new rewards! Whoever has a 3DS, DSi, or Wii better check it out, as they are now offering games as rewards!! There are also other new rewards that can be checked out besides the games.

New! For a limited time only, use your Coins to get these downloadable games. Club Nintendo chooses great games based on member feedback, and will announce a new surprise selection next month.

Games offered right now!

- Super Mario Kart for VC on Wii for 100 coins

- Fluidity for WiiWare on Wii for 150 coins

- 3D Classics: Xevious for Nintendo EShop on 3DS 100 coins

- Mario VS. Donkey Kong: Mini's March Again for DSiShop for 150 coins

I personally like Mario VS. Donkey Kong: Mini's March Again. I bought the game, but not with Club Nintendo coins. It's a great game, and anyone who has a Club Nintendo account needs to check into this game!

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Now I just wish that I'd bought more Nintendo games over the last year.

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Thanks for the heads up, I picked up Xevious and Mario vs DK. I had to complete a ton of surveys for old games I registered to cover these but its a nice bonus.

protip: download Netflix, zelda four swords, and flipnote studio for free and get 10 pts for each for doing a quick survey.

darktip: desperate for a few more coins? dsi/xl/3ds systems are worth 160 and the needed serial # to register them is on the outside of the box...

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