Platinum Members Go Glove To Glove With Doc Louis

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Nintendo of America's Club Nintendo is announcing the "Elite Status" rewards for those with Gold or Platinum Member status. If you didn't know already, those who earn a certain amount of coins become eligible for Platinum and Gold membership levels, and in turn can redeem exclusive rewards.

The system has worked pretty well in Japan, with members receiving limited edition games and hardware. So what can Nintendo fans in the states expect from such a reward scheme?, well how about taking on coach Doc Louis in PunchOut!! Wii...

..... that's, the gold reward :?

The Doc Louis download will be available from November 1st


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I just got my email from Nintendo. 

I'm super bummed that I can't get both the Hat and the Doc Louis download, as I can't decide what i want more... but i do feel that the Hat has more of a collectors value to it, I guess. 

Heck, they should just give Platinum Members all 3 rewards :p 

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What I found silly is that Platinum users cannot get the Gold Reward as well as a Platinum gift. I suppose I'll go with the Mario Hat, as it's something physical.

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Those caps can be bought in the Nintendo World Store, or at least they were available. If I were you I would opt for the download, I reckon it's pretty neat.

I wonder what the Doc says to you as you knock him about.. I bet he still has a chocolate bar with him.

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For the Platinum people, that's pretty awesome.  As for me and my Gold prize... really?  I'm so down on Club Nintendo at this point.

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Pics added.

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