Where my Platinum brothers and sisters at?

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How many of you have reached Platinum status on Club Nintendo this go around? I just barely made it this time and I ended up buying three games to push me into Platinum (and I own a Wii U!). I recommend anyone who is close to pick up Metroid: Other M on Amazon. It is $10 and worth 50 points.

All of the coins!

So do you guys care about Club Nintendo? And did you reach Gold or Platinum status this year?

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I made Platinum this year as well. I am both incredibly proud and deeply ashamed of this.

Also, people looking for a good points-to-dollars spread on a good game could also grab Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

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Yeah man I love Bayonetta!

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I am Platinum for the first time because I never used to redeem any of the stuff I bought. I redeemed games and systems purchased over the years and reached it in no time. I even have some stuff in reserve that might get me most of the way there for next year.

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What does Platinum get you?

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@darthorange: what do you get when you reach platinum status?

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I'm pretty close. I just hope this years platinum reward isn't totally lame like last year.

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What does Platinum get you?

@darthorange: what do you get when you reach platinum status?

It is different each year. Last year it was a deck of cards, the year before that it was pins, the year before that it was a figure.

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Plat here. :-)

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Only Gold :(.

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Platinum here for the second straight year. Hoping the reward this year is better than the deck of playing cards from last.

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Platinum represent!

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Looking at my coins and I have coins expiring June 30th, 2012. That was last year.

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Platinum here, too.

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I'm 80 coins away... :/ So I'm buying Metroid and Sin and Punishment I guess.... Fortune Street is also on sale for 13 bucks.

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Just platinumed twice. I always make sure i get two prizes a year.Too bad the last two years the prizes have sucked. Like posters, for real?!

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Can't wait to find out what we're getting this year!

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Ugh, I haven't even golded yet this year, WTF Nintendo.

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We don't even have a little card like that in the UK. We still have stars and no coins. Thanks Nintendo.

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I am 45 points from Platinum, but probably will be selling my Wii. If I don't get those last 45 points out of 3DS titles, then I guess I won't get there.

I did get a sweet shirt from Club Nintendo last month. The Super Mario Bros. NES one with lots of characters in their 8-bit glory. I was surprised there was a character whose name I did not know, Blooper, the squid.

Lot of Club Nintendo stuff shows up on Ebay and isn't that expensive. Given the amount of points you need to get most of the items, Ebay isn't a bad option if you really want something they offer, but have no where near the points.

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