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A Nintendo DS Gem 0

The game selection available for the Nintendo DS is full of games that are highly addictive, spanning from life simulation games such as Animal Crossing: Wild World to strategy games like Advance Wars: Dual Strike. The DS is loaded with plenty of games that you turn on to play for a few minutes and end up playing for a few hours. Clubhouse Games successfully continues that long standing tradition of providing tons of gameplay hours for anyone who plays it. Clubhouse Games is a quick way to play...

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It's like the only game I own right now. 0

This is the one I have in my DS right now. It’s out of print, and going for big bucks on eBay, and I can totally see why. It’s a very generous collection of classic games, from Dominos to Spit to Reversi to Bowling … it’s got lots in here. There are multiple game modes to play including a pretty difficult challenge mode. There are some games in here I’ve never heard of, some I’ve heard of but don’t know how to play just yet, and some I am too good at (I pitched a shutout in reversi against the A...

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Going on a car trip, don't forget this! 0

Complations games are nothing new, if you are unfammilar with the term it means that in one game you are able to play more than one game. There are alot of these about and they seem like good purchuses as you get more games for the same amount of money you would spend on one. But most of the time it's just an excuse for companys to make some quick cash on already done ideas. Well in steps Nintendo with 42 All Time Classics, (Clubhouse Games) which to the untrained eye looks as though your gettin...

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