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A perfect night for a murder.

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion is a PC adaptation of Hasbro's board game of the same name. It was developed by EAI and published by the now-defunct Hasbro Interactive in the autumn of 1998. Atari SA (known then as Infogrames) assumed publishing rights in 2000 when Hasbro Interactive folded. Despite not being the first video game adaptation of the franchise, Murder at Boddy Mansion is particularly notable for being the first 3D adaptation of the Clue, with the game playing out in a 3D isometric view of the titular mansion game board.

Cutscenes were also introduced, which would play out the various murder suggestion scenes made over the course of the game. These were particularly disturbing as they would take place in first-person from Mr. Boddy's point of view as you witnessed the suspect in question carrying out the murder.

During the summer of 2000 Murder at Boddy Mansion was for a limited time available for free in boxes of General Mills cereals, in addition to other Hasbro Interactive PC adaptations (such as Ultimate Yahtzee, Monopoly Junior, Operation, Scrabble, and Boggle).


A pair of ghostly hands shuffles the deck.

Being a direct adaptation, Murder at Boddy Mansion plays out nearly identically to its board game counterpart. As the player, you assume the role of one of the six playable characters - Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard, or Professor Plum - and attempt to successfully accuse the true murderer, whose identity, weapon of choice, and murder location are hidden away. Randomly distributed to the rest of the players are cards depicting suspects, weapons, and locations around the mansion.

One of the many creepy suggestion scenes.

After navigating to one of the rooms in the mansion players may make suggestions as to who they believe is the murderer, which weapon was used, and where it took place. The suggestion may be disproved if any of the other players are holding cards that depict one of the three aspects of the accusation. The game continues and, through analyzation and process of elimination, is won by the player who makes a suggestion that cannot be refuted.

Murder at Boddy Mansion also features local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer hosted through MSN Gaming Zone, however the latter is no longer operational.

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